The Debate

January 2020

Voices grow louder more numerous, building into a deafening roar as fifty distinct yet similar arguments unfold throughout the crowd. The crows caw and circle, hoping to get a few scraps of hog when the opportunity arises.

 “We caught the hogs, we deserve to eat more of them.”

“We should all get an equal portion. It’s only fair.”

“What about me? My family is all really tall, we need more food than you do.”

“Tall? Your family still barely contributes. Why should you get more?”

“Well I’m injured. I can’t do much, not as much as I want to anyway.”

“Pretty convenient for you then, isn’t it?”

“Are you calling me a liar?”

Words become firsts as the scene descends into chaos. The crows seize the moment to snack on the unguarded hog, picking away pieces as the battle rages around them. But a gunshot shatters the noise, sending the crows scattering upward like ashes from a bonfire.

“Here’s our argument,” says one hunter, panning the gun across the crowd as the other hunters followed suit. “We take everything, and the rest of you get to fend for yourself.”

They grabbed the wagon of hogs and left as the others watched in fearful silence.