December 2019

I never thought I could learn to love a psychopath. We hadn’t known each other long when I found out — late nights out and bloodstained clothes might seem odd once, but by the third time there are only so many conclusions you can draw. I could’ve left her then, fled by night, perhaps alerted the police once I knew I was safe. My entire career was built off prosecuting monsters like her. 

But something kept me around. Something told me to stick by her side. Perhaps you’re thinking, is he just one more victim of her guiltless manipulation? But you’d be wrong. 

The morning after one of her nights out, the local news told us of a grizzly murder. A shopkeeper — one of the key witnesses for the defense in my upcoming trial — was found in several places around Greenwood Ave. In the following weeks, their entire case collapsed. Other witnesses refused to testify. It was the biggest victory I’d had in years. The biggest victory we’d had. And it put me on the short list for being the next Attorney General.

I came to understand we wanted the same thing: power. And as long as we kept our desires aligned, we made a great team. With me in the spotlight, and her in the shadows, we could do anything, and we were willing to take the steps necessary to get it.

Sometimes I wish it didn’t involve so many corpses. But I guess it’s too late to change that now.