Video Marketing Strategy: When to Use A Production Agency

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First, Establish Your Strategic Marketing Goals with Video

Before you decide how to proceed with your video production process, ask yourself: what do you want to use these videos to accomplish? Do you know how to leverage videos once you have them?

A commercial will require a different budget and resources than a video testimonial, so having a plan is essential. If you’re already using video, you’re on the right track. 

Video is the next best thing to speaking with someone in person. But while 70% of marketers agree video generates more conversions than any other type of content, you can’t just blindly spray out videos without purpose and then hope for good results. 

So start by reading a few articles. Watch a few videos. Learn the basics. Get a sense for video marketing strategies, and which is best for you. Once you know how you want to use video in your strategy, it’s time to decide how you want to produce these marketing videos.

When to Use In-House Video Production

In-house production — that is, having your own team do all the video production work — is tempting for some companies on a tight budget. But it’s not always as budget friendly as you expect, if you want professional quality videos. 

Proper lighting, equipment, setup, cameras, and training cost enough on their own, but the extra time required for scripting, filming, and post-production can be an inefficient use of your employees’ time. 

The whole process can be daunting, and the costs of an elaborate in-house production studio often end up costing more than outsourcing to an agency. 

However, in-house production does have its place:

  • For casual, candid, behind the scenes moments: in-house production is great for short and rough social media updates. When you can pull out a smartphone or camera and capture a quick video of some employees attending an event, you humanize your organization for your digital audience. This is essential for larger corporations.
  • If you have little to no marketing budget: generally, if you’re a startup without big investors, you might not have the finances to invest in video production or marketing agencies just yet. A well-planned and internally produced video strategy at a low production level can be a solid starting point at this level.
  • You already have a production agency to create high-quality videos: believe it or not, this is the biggest reason people produce in-house. Only about 7% of companies using video produce it exclusively in-house. A steady flow of content is essential in today’s digital marketing world, so if you already have the “professional video” requirement taken care of, you can make your own videos to supplement it. 

When to Hire a Full-Service Video Marketing Agency

In video marketing, many full-service agencies will not only produce the videos you need, but will take over the distribution process for you, and sometimes create a strategy. 

These services are helpful for companies who don’t have a clear direction for their marketing strategy, and are willing to outsource the task to a third party. 

This saves you a lot of effort, but also runs the risk of hiring a marketing company that doesn’t know your customers or company norms as well as you do.

  • If you don’t have much of a marketing department: if you’re a new company and still aren’t sure exactly how video can help you, full-service agencies can run this process for you, for the length of a contract.
  • Too much cash, too little time: if you have a flexible budget but you haven’t found the time to form a marketing plan of your own, full-service agencies can take this over, almost like hiring a marketing team of your own.
  • If your team isn’t very web-savvy: these days, using a video for marketing can be as easy as uploading it to social media, such as YouTube and Facebook. While these companies have made this process accessible for a wide audience, some people would rather not deal with it.

i_AuYDGyaHkrQgHKRfVjuHLbAmzMdwjLmZ4esLJqiXntz0IYuhJZvx_5kMQDvQRpGirhqD1TdCuCHRfUlQ0EhRGtpbkxVGhob4rhuKiywWrGZPVvFP9x_nd5b_mTUn1E9L19Y8zIData shows most companies use a combination of in-house and outsourced resources for their video production needs. This indicates it’s less a question of which option to choose, but rather a question of how much to lean in either direction. Many companies who use in-house will start with an agency, so their in-house production process is more informed and planned.

When to Hire a Video Production Agency

Do you want to maintain strategic and creative control over your marketing, without going through the hurdles of creating your own in-house production studio? Then a video production agency might be your best bet.

When you hire a video production company, you’ll be able to make use of their directing, technical expertise with a camera, equipment, and experience with video editing to produce a high quality video from raw footage — all without sacrificing your marketing vision. 

So when is the best time to use them?

  • When you have a Marketing Director: If your organization has a marketing director who can implement a video marketing strategy, video production agencies are a great idea. Odds are, if you have a marketing director, they have enough knowledge and skill to oversee a video marketing strategy.
  • You need different types of video specialization: whether you need an agency that specializes in video testimonials, or you just need more professional quality than your in-house team has the training or resources for, an agency is a great choice.
  • Your staff or resources are stretched too thin to meet your video needs: sometimes you have staff capable of producing a decent quality video, but you need more video than they have time or resources to produce. While this is sufficient in the early days of your business, eventually you’ll take the next step and hire an agency.

Remember: You aren’t limited to one strategy

All options have advantages, but when it comes to deciding how to proceed, remember that when you hire an agency, you can still produce videos in house. In fact, 72% of companies find they prefer a combination of agency and in-house production.

"72% of businesses mix video production sources for their marketing needs. They hire an agency to produce marketing videos, then complement it with in-house production.” [Click to Tweet This Quote]

Also, not every agency falls strictly into the full-service marketing agency or no-frills production agency. Companies like WinWin Videos offer video production and specialize in corporate marketing. This means you get the videos you need, and can rest easy knowing they’ll deliver the results you want.

When you’re ready to hire a video production agency, consider which of our products would best serve your marketing needs. WinWin Videos and Media272 are here for you. 

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