December 2019

Noon’s golden sunrise reflected off the glass buildings of downtown Reykjavik as Gunnar and Sylvia made their way toward the waterfront. As they rounded the path along the pond, Gunnar checked his phone.

“We should hurry, or the boat leaves without us.”

Sylvia heard sirens behind them and saw several police cars on their way to the National Museum. “If they see us running they’ll know it was us.”

“Let’s cut across the pond, then.”

They stepped onto the frozen surface and walked as fast as they could without betraying the panic and paranoia they felt. Sylvia wrapped a gloved hand around the lump in her coat pocket, checking again that it hadn’t fallen out.

Gunnar grabbed her arm as they reached the other side, picking up the pace. “We don’t have much time”

As they mixed with the crowds of tourists, they looked like any other couple in a hurry. He smiled to her. “I can’t believe we did it. Less than a week and we’ll be on a hot sandy beach, rich enough to get out of this business.”

She smiled back, and they kissed. But they weren’t safe yet, not until they made it to the first hideout.

“There,” she said as they passed the concert hall and headed out onto the docks. The boat floated unmoored next to the dock, and she recognized Arnar’s green beanie even from this distance. As they approached the boat, two police officers stepped out from their hiding places.

“Hey, you two!” They said. “Stop where you are.”

“Oh shit,” said Gunnar. He glanced toward the shore, but he knew they couldn’t go back now. 

As the officers approached, Gunnar looked to Sylvia. “You need to escape,” he said. “It can’t be both of us, so it has to be you. I’ll clear the path, you run and jump.”

Before she could reply, he charged the officers, who suddenly panicked. “Wait, wait,” one said. “We’re not—“

He tackled the first man as Arnar yelled to the other. “Sven, just do it!” And turned on the boat speakers, blasting music.

The standing officer looked at Sylvia and smiled. “I hope you criminals are ready,” he said.


“Ready to party!” Arnar yelled from above as the officer grabbed the front of his uniform and tore it away, revealing nothing underneath but a black leather thong. “It’s time to celebrate!”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me Arnar,” said Gunnar, standing to look at Arnar in disbelief. The other stripper stood up and danced with his friend. “Seriously, there are real cops coming any minute.”

“Right, well then get your asses in the boat and let’s pop this Champagne, we’ve got a long way to go.”

Sylvia grinned. “These guys are coming too, right?”