Increase Digital Conversions with this Proven Strategy

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What would you do to massively increase your conversion rates? What would you invest in a strategy that boosted social media engagement, drastically improved your Search Engine Rankings, and substantially increased customer acquisition and loyalty?

In any established industry, one marketing issue arises time and time again: to cut through the noise of a conventional sales and marketing process. Customer attention is more fleeting than ever, and if you’re like most people, your eyes glaze over as soon as you see an ad. That’s why savvy marketers know to differentiate themselves from the standard ad model.

If you’re not among the 87% of successful businesses these days already using it, I’m talking about online video marketing. Specifically, about testimonials and stories of customer success. Videos like the one below can skyrocket your conversions, particularly with targeted digital ads. Embedded videos on landing pages have been shown to increase conversion rates by 80%, and even higher rates with Customer Success Story videos.

You’ve heard plenty of sales pitches about video, so this might all sound too good to be true. Let’s be clear: online video still requires a degree of tact in order to maximize results. There’s never been a tool that eliminates the need for hard work or thoughtful strategy — at least not a sustainable one. When used in a strategic manner though, video can easily provide that edge your business needs. But how?

The WinWin Solution - and Why it Works

This is where the WinWin Videos approach comes in. It’s an approach that not only comes across as more authentic and honest to customers, but deepens your relationships with current clients in the process. It makes these clients grateful for choosing you in the first place, and creates an opportunity for a true win-win.

Even with the best intentions, it takes time for you to win the trust of each new client, who often need more than just promises. WinWin’s power to convert becomes essential here with Customer Success Stories. Think of them like testimonials on steroids: WinWin videographers capture (and professionally edit) videos of your best customers as they share stories of how you helped their business.

Authentic Branding Means More Sales

WinWin Videos work because they transform the latent asset of client gratitude (toward suppliers like you) into vivid stories of success. This word-of-mouth video advertising is shown to be 900% more powerful than traditional marketing. See for yourself with this short video below.

Building Trust with Customers

But we don’t stop there. Our videographers add make the process even better with the Buy One Give One concept, where each client testimonial video also includes a promotional video for that client. This builds strong brand loyalty and trust, because it benefits each client you highlight: it advances their business as they support yours.

Smart Logistics for Superior Savings

The issue many companies have with paying for professional video marketing services is the extra costs due to lack of optimized logistics. WinWin solves this issue by having a nationwide network of videographers. This allows us to service our clients around the country while eliminating travel expenses, and we pass these savings onto our clients.


WinWin videographers have a knack for uncovering the benefits your customers truly care about, all while helping emphasize the major selling points you wish to convey to future customers. With such a high return on investment, WinWin’s cost effectiveness still surprises many customers. So what are you waiting for? Find out how much WinWin Videos can help your business, today.

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